Escuela Bosque

Amazonía Emprende

Region : Caquetá

30 Pitches Restored
  • 11990 Planted Trees
  • 47 tree species
  • Jun 2022 planting first kick
  • Dec 2022 planting last whistle

Escuela Bosque is in the vicinity of the city of Florencia in the Colombian Amazonian foothills. Our implementation partner, Amazonía Emprende, manages habitat restoration activities extending nearly 30 football-pitch-sized areas of degraded land with some secondary vegetation and scattered patches of grasses and shrubs. Active forest restoration has occurred on 7 pitch-sized areas, while in the remaining 26 pitch-sized areas, natural regenerated forests have been enriched.

Tropical rainforest (Florencia, Caquetá)

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