Corredor del

Oso Andino


Region : Pacific

  • 70 Total number of pitches to be restored
  • 31900 trees to be planted
  • Feb 2023 planting first kick

This project is in an essential corridor for conserving Andean bears (Tremarctos ornatus). It is also one of the areas with the highest concentration of threatened amphibian species worldwide. Our partners from WCS have been working in this region since 2020, supporting conservation efforts that counteract the lingering stressors (e.g., extensive cattle ranching, cultivation of exotic forest species, intensive agricultural activities, clay mining, and selective logging) that continue to impact the habitat of crucial landscape species.   

Football for Forests will support the restoration with strategies, including silvopastoral and agroforestry systems. This strategy aims to harmonize the needs of local communities that depend directly on using their lands for livelihood while maintaining and improving healthy habitats for the strategic fauna species. The restoration will be done on 20 farms in a 1-8 pitch-sized area.

Cloud forest (Dagua, Valle del Cauca)

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