Fundación Yurumí

Region : Orinoquia

27 Pitches Restored
  • 14336 Planted Trees
  • 16 tree species
  • Apr 2022 planting first kick
  • Dec 2022 planting last whistle

The ambition of Yurumí (guarani word for the giant anteater) is to drive the regeneration and restoration of native ecosystems to allow for the recovery of native fauna in a region where human land cover types have dominated for decades. Yurumí Reserve aims to create ecological corridors between riparian forests, which is particularly relevant for Yurumí as it is part of the landscape restoration initiative called “The Puma Triangle,” which aims to restore vital habitat for the species Puma concolor. Active ecosystem restoration supported by Football for Forests occurred in 27 pitch-sized areas.

Riparian forest (Puerto López, Meta)

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